Electric Blanket VS. Space Heater – A Detailed Comparison

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1. Electric Blanket 🏷️
  1.1 How Does an Electric Blanket Work?
  1.2 Features of Electric Blankets
  1.3 Pros of Electric Blankets
  1.4 Cons of Electric Blankets
2. Space Heaters 🏷️
  2.1 How Does a Space Heater Work?
  2.2 Features of Space Heaters
  2.3 Pros of Space Heater
  2.4 Cons of Space Heater
3. Electric Blanket VS. Space Heater – Some Major Differences 🆚
  3.1 Heating Capacity
  3.2 Heating Speed
  3.3 Price
  3.4 Portability
  3.5 Energy Consumption
  3.6 Cost Effective
  3.7 Versatility and Usage
  3.8 Comfort
  3.9 Electric Blanket or Space Heater – Which One to Choose?
4. Where to Find the Best Electric Blankets? 🤩
5. Final Verdict



Winters are just around the corner, and with the cozy weather approaching quickly, people look for ways that will keep them warm and comfortable. Many different products are available in the market that can be used for the winter. However, space heaters and electric blankets are two things that people gravitate towards the most.

The main issue when it comes to selecting a space heater vs. an electric blanket is that people don't know which one is better for them. This debate has been going on for a very long time, but now, with this detailed comparison, you will be able to find the best thing for yourself. This guide will allow you to go through every aspect of an electric heated blanket vs. a space heater to pick the right one for this winter.

1. Electric Blankets:

Electric blankets are just what the name suggests. It looks like a normal blanket; however, the insides have different wires and connections that heat it. These blankets have a built-in warming feature that heats up the blanket and provides light warmth to the body so that the person does not feel cold.

These electric blankets have a proper electrical system that needs to be activated to provide heat. An adjustable temperature setting allows people to customize their warmth level according to their needs. Also, these blankets are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns so everyone can find something they like.

Another great feature of these cozy blankets is that some also come with auto-turn-off technology. This means it will automatically turn off when the blanket becomes too hot. The person won't have to worry about constantly changing the temperature or turning it off whenever they feel extra hot.

electric blanket

1.1 How Does an Electric Blanket Work?

Electric blankets can also be household appliances because they work on electricity. These electric blankets' insides are made with small thin wires that will carry the electric current and make the entire blanket warm for the person.

These blankets also come with a remote that will allow you to set the temperature according to your preferences. The new electric blankets have a feature that will enable them to preheat, and the automatic shut-off features will turn it off to save electricity.

1.2 Features of Electric Blankets:

It is crucial that you understand the different aspects and features of an electrical blanket. This will make it very easy for you to pick between an electric blanket vs. space heater. Following are some of the most noteworthy features of an electric blanket.

1.2.1 Weight of Electric Blankets:

Since we are discussing the difference between electric blankets and heaters, it is essential to know the weight of these blankets. The electric blankets are very lightweight and feel like a normal blanket without the electrical feature. However, the weight can be different according to the material. The lightweight feature of electric blankets makes it very easy for the person to carry them around and even travel with them.

1.2.2 Electric Blanket Wattage:

Knowing correctly how many watts does an electric blanket use is essential. Most of these blankets use 50 to 200 watts of energy per hour. Now you might be thinking, how much do heated blankets cost to run? This majorly depends on the region where you live, but it costs around 6 to 25 cents if you use it for an entire night without turning it off.

1.2.3 Size of Electric Blankets:

If you are not worried about the size of these blankets, then let us tell you that you will find a wealth of options here. There are a lot of different variations available in these blankets, making them fit for everyone, which means your kid can have a perfect-sized blanket for themselves, and you will be able to get something that suits you.

1.2.4 Washable:

Another impressive feature of these electric blankets is that they are easy to wash. This means you won't have to sleep in dirty blankets. All you need to do is remove the controlled, and then you can wash them on a low-speed cycle. There are some electric blankets that have removable covers, which makes them much more convenient to clean.

1.3 Pros of Electric Blankets:

Following are some of the most significant advantages of having an electric blanket.

  • Easy to carry and travel with

  • A lot more energy-efficient

  • Dual-temperature and remote control feature

  • A variety of colors, sizes, and designs are available

  • It gives a uniform warmth and temperature to the body.

1.4 Cons of Electric Blankets:

Below are a few cons that you might experience with these blankets.

  • Concerns about the electromagnetic fields from the electricity.

  • Risk of catching a fire

  • It needs a lot of care

2. Space Heaters:

The second thing we need to discuss in the heated blanket vs space heater comparison is the space heaters. Space heaters are another popular appliance frequently used in the winter to keep the room warm and cozy. Space heaters are generally used to heat a room or an enclosed space. These small and portable heating devices make it easy for people to heat their washrooms, garages, and living rooms.

When it comes to these space heaters, you will find different types: kerosene, oil and gas heaters, wood heaters, ceramic, convection, and radiant heaters. The space heaters also come with varying settings of heat; this allows the person to control the temperature and heat according to their needs. However, it is essential to mention that these space heaters must be used cautiously. This means you can't leave them unattended for a long time, and if you have small children in your home, you must keep a stern eye on them.

2.1 How Does a Space Heater Work?

As mentioned above, there are different kinds of space heaters, all of which work on other principles. Discussed below are some of the common space heaters and how they work.

2.1.1 Convection Heaters:

Convection heaters pull the air from the room, move it through heating rods, and then push it back into the room. The continuous cycle of removing the air and pushing hot air increases the room's temperature and makes it comfortable for the person to sit in winter.

2.1.2 Infrared Heaters:

Infrared space heaters are also called radiant heaters. These heaters work differently as compared to convection heaters. In this case, the heater does not pull any air; instead, it generates heat and gives warmth to the person or object near it. This is why this is used as a personal heating appliance instead of heating an entire room.


2.1.3 Gas Heaters:

Gas space heaters are not used as much as the other heaters. They are mostly used indoors and produce heat by burning oil, gas, or kerosene. This entire process can be dangerous, especially if the unit is unvented. It is also seen that many states and countries have banned these heaters because of safety issues.

2.2 Features of Space Heaters:

Just like we discussed the main features of electric blankets, the following are some of the significant parts of the space heaters. These features will allow you to understand better: a heated blanket or space heater.

2.2.1 Weight of Space Heaters:

One of the most impressive things about these space heaters is their lightweight. These are small, and they usually weigh 5 lbs or more. The weight can, however, change according to the brand you are buying and the type of space heater you want.

2.2.2 Size of Space Heaters:

Similar to electric blankets, different sizes are available in the market. Also, there are other colors you can find, and various styles of these space heaters are also available in the markets.

2.2.3 The Wattage of Space Heaters:

When it comes to the wattage range, you find different types. Typically, the space heaters can range from 750 to 1500 watts, meaning they use more electricity. However, other options are available in the market that use less wattage, which means less electricity consumption. The wattage of the space heater depends on the usage of the person. If someone wants powerful space heaters, it would be best to take higher watts for the heater, and for people who want to save electricity, it is best to get lower watts.

2.2.4 Temperature Settings:

The space heaters also come with different heat settings. This allows the person to control the temperature; whenever it gets too high, they can reduce it according to their liking.

2.3 Pros of Space Heater:

Below are some of the pros you can get if you have a space heater.

  • Heats up a small room rather quickly

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Different sizes and designs are also available

  • Various types of space heaters are present in the market

  • Portable and company, which makes it easy to store

2.4 Cons of Space Heater:

Following are some of the major cons you can experience because of a space heaters.

  • This appliance can be dangerous to use

  • They need proper vented rooms for them to function properly

  • You need to be careful when using this device

3. Electric Blanket VS. Space Heater – Some Major Differences:

Now that you have a little background on electric blankets and space heaters, it is time for the showdown. Below, we have mentioned some essential differences between the space heater and the heated blanket. Through these comparing points, you will be able to know which one of the two is ideal for you.

3.1 Heating Capacity:

The first thing we will be discussing is the heating capacity of electric blanket vs. heater. Heating capacity means how much these two appliances can heat your room and how much warmth they will provide.

Electric Blankets:

Electric blankets just heat the person's bed and not the entire room. This means that only your body and the bed will be heated while the rest of the room will be cold. The best thing here is that the auto-turn-off quality of these blankets avoids overheating the bed and allows you to sleep comfortably.

Space Heater:

If you are someone who likes their entire room to be warm and have a cozy feeling in your room, then a space heater might be the one for you. The space heater will take the air into your room and push out warm air. This will eventually increase the room's temperature, making it warm for you.

3.2 Heating Speed:

This means the amount of time needed for each of these devices to heat up and warm the atmosphere.

Electric Blankets:

In comparing electric blankets vs. electric heaters, electric blankets might need extra time to heat up. Since it is a blanket, it makes it easy for the person to wrap it around themselves and feel comfortable while it is getting warm.

Space Heaters:

The heating speed of this device majorly depends on the power and the type of space heater you are using. If you have an infrared space heater, your room will warm quickly. However, other space heaters can also work within a few minutes.

3.3 Price:

The cost of an electric blanket vs. heating can differ according to the brands and the type you are getting for yourself.

Electric Blankets:

Is an electric blanket cheaper than heating? This is a common question that people might have. Then, the answer will be yes. You can find a variety of price options when it comes to electric blankets. However, you can easily find something around $50 bucks, making it more reasonable than other options. You can also look at the HOMLYNS page, as they offer amazing electric blankets at affordable prices.

Space Heaters:

When discussing the price of a heated blanket vs. heater, the space heaters can be costly compared to blankets. You can also find cheap space heaters, but there can be massive safety issues with them. Therefore, it is always suggested to get high-quality space heaters, which can be a little expensive compared to electric blankets.

3.4 Portability:

Portability is another factor that will make it easy to find the best one from the heater vs. electric blanket.

Electric Blankets:

Electric blankets, indeed, get some points when it comes to portability. No other gadgets will make you feel as cozy and warm as a blanket, and yet you can travel with them. The best thing is that they are so lightweight that you can wrap yourself in them and take them anywhere. You can even put them in your suitcase and carry them around the world.

Space Heaters:

Heaters can also be considered portable as compared to other heat sources such as central heating system. They are small and compact; you can easily rake them from one room to another. However, it is only possible for you to travel with this device worldwide.

3.5 Energy Consumption:

Energy consumption is critical before choosing from a space heater vs. electric blanket. Both of these gadgets work with electricity, so you need to know it is essential to know if heated blankets are cost-effective or space heaters.

Electric Blankets:

The electric blankets work on 50 to 200 watts of energy, which depends on the power consumption of these blankets. If proper calculation is done, it can be estimated that these blankets use about 0.5 kilowatt-hours per night. Since this appliance provides localized warmth, it uses less power to benefit the user than the space heaters.

Space Heaters:

As mentioned, the space heaters require 750 to 1500 watts of energy to work correctly. This only shows that they need more energy than the electric blankets. However, if we calculate power consumption, the space heater uses about 4 kilowatt hours per night. This amount also changes on different factors and they are not energy efficient.

3.6 Cost Effective:

The cost of running the electric blanket and the space heater will also help you decide which is good for your heated blanket or space heater.

Electric Blanket:

How much does it cost to heat an electric blanket? If you also think the same, let us give you some good news. Heated blankets use very little energy, which means they will cost very little to use. This appliance is very inexpensive compared to space heaters or other heating devices. So you can easily spend a few bucks on these blankets as they are energy efficient and make yourself comfy and cozy these winters.

Space Heaters:

Even though space heaters themselves are not that expensive, the energy usage of these devices can be a lot. Since they use a good amount of wattage and consume a lot of power and energy, your energy bill will surely spike once you start using this appliance in your home. However, they are less expensive than other built-in wall heaters or central heating systems.

3.7 Versatility and Usage:

This might not be an essential factor for many people, but individuals who like outdoor activity might want to know about the versatility of heater vs. electric blanket.

Electric Blanket:

The electric blanket use might not be for people who like doing outdoor activities such as camping on bonfires. If you want to get warmth from the blankets, you need to tuck yourself in them, and only you will benefit from it.

Space Heater:

This gadget is fantastic for people who like to work in their garages, like camping, and or want to stay warm while sitting on their patio. The portable electric space heaters can be carried from one room to another, warming the room in a couple of minutes.

3.8 Comfort:

In winter, everyone likes to be comfortable, warm, and comfy. So this is a crucial point to find which one is better between electric blanket vs electric heater.

Electric Blanket:

Sitting on your couch or bed with a warm blanket hugging you feels like a dream. This is what you will get if you have an electric blanket. Therefore, electric blankets will provide maximum comfort and extra warmth if you plan on just chilling and not doing anything.

Space Heaters:

People need to stay warm while working, and this cannot be done while having a blanket wrapped around them. Therefore, in such cases, the space heaters come into action and provide warmth and a comfortable temperature while you complete your daily chores.

3.9 Electric Blanket or Space Heater – Which One to Choose?

The final question is which is better, an electric heated blanket or a space heater. The answer will majorly depend on your needs and preferences. Everyone has a different lifestyle and needs different types of comfort. If you have an active lifestyle and want your entire room or workspace to be warm, then a space heater might be your choice.

People who like to stay in bed, chill in their homes, and want to be warm might like to use an electric blanket. You can see the differences between these two appliances and decide which suits your requirements better.


4. Where to Find the Best Electric Blankets?

Finding electric blankets might be easy, but finding something that is high quality might be challenging. HOMLYNS is a brand that has a fantastic collection of comfortable and cozy heated blankets. These blankets are a perfect way to chill in your couches and bed while having the warm air wrap you.

With a controller and washable, soft, and cozy material, the Twin-size Electric Heating Blanket is one of the best sellers of this brand. So, if you are hunting for good throws, blankets, and mattress pad that will save you this winter and make your room more aesthetic, then make sure you visit HOMLYNS.

twin size electric blanket

5. Final Verdict: 

Here's a comparison chart summarizing the key differences between electric blankets and space heaters:

Feature Electric Blanket Space Heater
Comfort Provides maximum comfort when staying in bed or sitting Good for warming up while working or moving around
Price Typically range from $20 to $150 depending on size, brand, and features Generally range from $20 to $200 depending on type (convection, infrared, gas), size, brand, and features
Portability Highly portable, lightweight, can be carried in a suitcase Portable within a home but not ideal for travel
Versatility and Usage Best for indoor use, limited outdoor usability Suitable for garages, patios, and other rooms
Temperature Settings Adjustable with remote control, often includes auto shut-off Adjustable heat settings, depends on the model
Heating Capacity Heats the bed and body Heats the entire room
Heating Speed Takes extra time to heat up Varies by type; infrared heaters heat quickly, others take a few minutes
Energy Consumption Uses 50-200 watts per hour, about 0.5 kWh per night. Inexpensive to run, very energy-efficient Uses 750-1500 watts per hour, about 4 kWh per night. Higher energy consumption, leading to higher electricity bills
Washability Machine washable, often with removable cords and controllers Not applicable
Safety Concerns Risk of fire, requires careful use Can be dangerous if left unattended, requires venting for gas heaters


When winter comes, it is time for everyone to take out their warm and comfiest blankets and turn on their central heating system to warm their room. However, for people still wondering which one of the two is good for them, we hope this article will resolve your confusion.

These appliances can work amazingly to provide you with the comfort you are looking for. However, the choice depends on your preferences and needs. So make sure you do a proper research and then get something that will benefit you in the long run.



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