Electric Blanket vs. Heated Blanket vs. Heated Throw: The Ultimate Showdown

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1. Electric Blanket 🏷️
  1.1 How Does Electric Blanket Work?
  1.2 Pros
  1.3 Cons
2. Heated Blanket 🏷️
  2.1 How Does Heated Blanket Work?
  2.2 Pros
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3. Heated Throw 🏷️
  3.1 Why Use Heated Throw?
  3.2 Pros
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4. Electric Blanket, Heated Blanket and Heated Throw - What's the difference 🆚
  4.1 Electric Blanket VS. Heated Blanket VS. Heated Throw
  4.2 Which One is the Best Option to Rely On?
5. Where to Source Top-Notch Electric Heating Blankets? 🏅️
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Heated blankets have long been used for staying warm on chill winter nights. But recently, these products have been in trend for the development of their aesthetic versions that not only elevate the look of your bedroom but also bless you with all the warmth. This immense popularity has made people curious about the question, raising multiple FAQs.

If you are in the same boat and intrigued by the questions, like what’s the difference between an electric blanket, heated blanket, and heated throw, we have got you covered in this comprehensive guide! We often use the three terms interchangeably, but have you ever wondered if these are the same or if we have made conventions? Just dive in to explore!

Electric Blanket

electric blanket

What is electric blanket? Electric blankets use electricity to keep us warm. These are normally placed over the body, not under it. You lay it over your regular bedding, like a quilt or duvet, to ensure an even temperature over time.

One approach is to warm the mattress for a while by directly placing the blanket over it and then warm your bedding by placing a blanket over your quilt or duvet before you fall asleep. Once you are done, you can unplug your electric blanket. This way, the temperature will remain locked overnight.

Unlike the space heater, you can find a plethora of electric blankets on the market. They vary in material, texture, size, weight, and price from brand to brand - finding the best electric blanket is a personalized journey. The best part? You can even get automated electric blankets that automatic shut OFF to prevent overheating or electricity wastage the entire night. With them, you can also skip worrying about the myths of electric blankets being able to cause burns.

electric blanket with auto shut off

Smart controllers and heat settings of electric blanket make it easy for users to customize comfort settings

How Does Electric Blanket Work?

Electric blankets are woven with a mesh of insulated thin wires enclosed in the thick fabric lining. When plugged in, these wires concentrate heat that warms you and your bedding. The best electric blanket combines advanced technology with the comfort of traditional bedding, offering a cozy solution to chilly nights. Besides the fact that the blanket features wires, it seems much similar to normal bedding and is machine washable, too.

However, check your manufacturer's instructions before throwing your electric warm blanket into the washing machine. Secondly, don't forget to take off the plastic temperature setting regulator or dial before washing.

Structure of Electric Blanket

Structure of Electric Blanket


  • Electric blankets come in various variations to suit everyone's needs.
  • Electric blankets are energy efficient and heat up quicker than conventional heated blankets.
  • They boast a plethora of innovative features to prevent fire hazards.


  • If you sit or lie over the blanket accidentally, you can even cause short circuits.
  • Blankets without temperature sensors can be dangerous for people with poor circulation.

Heated Blanket

Heated blankets can be both electric and non-electric. They both provide sufficient heat to the pet and make the environment cozy for relaxation. Unlike electric blankets, heated blankets can offer warmth even without electricity. These aren't bound to be electric or depend on battery, eliminating the worries about directly contacting wires. Though electric blankets are also safe to use, we all know there's no end to the myths scrolling around, and besides properly researching it, people just focus on skipping using the product.

However, heated blankets are considered a safer option for pet owners, as an electric blanket can cause short circuits or electric burns in case of pet biting. Moreover, people with poor blood circulation must also prefer to rely on non-electric heated blankets.

heated blankets for pets

Photo by @ miss_ellie_mae_the_basset

How Does Heated Blanket Work?

Coming to the point, you must wonder what other ways a heated blanket can be powered if it's not to be plugged in directly.

As we mentioned, it might be battery-powered. Another option is that your heated blanket contains air-activated body warmers. On shaking for a while, these warmers are triggered to produce heat. Their specialized construction featuring multiple pockets to hold as many body warmers as you want will help you stay up to 24 hours, even with one-time shaking. Isn’t it interesting? 

Air Activated Heating Blanket

Thirdly, there might be a possibility that your heated blanket relies on hot air flow. Such blankets need to be filled up with hot air owing to the appliances provided with it. Once you have filled your blanket, you can put it on overnight without considering any risk.


  • Heated blankets do not necessarily use electricity to keep you warm, which is the main difference between heated and electric blankets.
  • These can be safer for those who have pets at home. 
  • Come in different shapes and sizes, as one size never fits the needs of everyone out there.


  • Heated blankets that don't use direct electricity normally take longer to heat the blanket.
  • Normally, they have limited time for which they will stay warm.
  • These are typical blankets and are mostly replaced by electric ones.

Heated Throw

heated throw

Heated throws can either be electric or heated blankets in nature. The difference is that these are used for decorative purposes and are specifically made to offer warmth to a single person. You simply cover and wrap them around yourself when streaming movies, scrolling social media, or doing other work. Heated throws are usually used for a sofa or in an office.

Why Use Heated Throw?

Like heating pads, these are mainly used to relieve pain, save loads and loads of energy, and improve your mood by offering that much-needed dose of warmth. Moreover, they offer a better sleep experience due to reduced safety concerns. Again, these blankets are available in multiple colors, lengths, fabrics, and textures. You can choose the one that best suits your needs or matches your entire room theme.


  • Heated throws come in both electric and non-electric versions for your convenience.
  • They can be ideal to wrap around when reading books. 
  • These don’t pose the risk of short circuit if you lie on them.
  • Their efficiency and other factors will depend on whether you have chosen a heated blanket nature throw or an electric one.


  • These aren't always pet-friendly options.
  • They are not suitable to be used in bed on a very cold night.

Electric Blanket, Heated Blanket and Heated Throw - What's the Difference

Now that you have gone through the basic details of all three types of blankets that can be your best buddies for ensuring restful sleep in winter, it's time to unveil the main differences between them.

difference between heated throw and heated blanket

Electric Blanket vs. Heated Blanket vs. Heated Throw

One thing is clear-cut! All the electric blankets are heated blankets, while all the heated blankets are not supposed to be electric. As explained above, they can source warmth from other sources like air-activated warmers or warm air filled into the thick fabric. So, the basic difference between a heated and an electric blanket is the heat source.

On the other hand, heated throws are for one-person use. You don't need to spread them over your mattress or blanket as bedding like a heated or electric blanket. All you have to do is wrap them around you and get into whatever you do. Take a nap, read a book, or just watch your favorite drama.

Throws can even be used for decorative purposes. You just throw them over your sofa or chair when not in use, but blankets can't be placed that way, as these are heavier to handle and somehow thicker, too. Also, these are mainly used for pain relief.


Aspect Electric Blanket Heated Blanket Heated Throw
Power Source Electricity Electricity or alternative Electricity or alternative
Main Use Bedding Bedding Single-person use, Decorative
Heat Generation Thin wires Various methods Various methods
Safety Concerns Automated features, potential short circuits Safer for pets, no direct wire concerns Generally safe, not always pet-friendly
Versatility Various sizes, materials, features Various sizes, materials Primarily single-person use, decorative
Efficiency Quick heating, energy-efficient Efficient, method-dependent Efficient, suitable for short-term use
Popular Settings Bed, home use Bed, home use Sofa, office, single-person use
Maintenance Machine washable, follow manufacturer instructions Varies, follow instructions Varies, follow instructions

Which One Is the Best Option to Rely on?

It mainly depends on your needs. You have to weigh the pros and cons according to your situation and decide whether to go with an electric or heated blanket or throw. For instance, go with electric blankets if you want a quick and efficient heating source. Or you can rely on heated blankets if your main concern is ensuring pet safety.

Similarly, you can decide if you need a proper blanket for bedding or if just a throw would be enough for the purpose. 

You can also take several factors into consideration when choosing electric blanket or throw, such as size, fabric, auto shut-off functions, and overheat protection.

Where to Source Top-Notch Electric Heating Blankets?

After getting the answers to your curiosity-filled questions, you must wonder where you can get the best electric blankets or throws. This is exactly when HOMLYNS has got you covered! The brand specializes in offering the best of super-soft, machine-washable heating solutions, mostly with robust controllers. 

homlyns electric blanket

Our Top Picks of the Best Electric Blankets from HOMLYNS

The website lists multiple options; your best picks remain Twin Size Double-Layer Flannel Electric Heated Blanketand Faux Fur & Sherpa Electric Heated Throw. Both of them have versatile usage. You can use them for practical or decorative purposes, and their quality is exceptional. We assure you that we will just drool over the prints, color combos, and the softness they combine at such an affordable price. You can also get premium heated mattress pads from us. The best part about our heated bedding is that they are washable, which makes them a perfect choice.

Navy Twin Size Electric Blanket with 1-12 hrs Timer Auto-Off & 10 Heating Levels

Twin Size Double-Layer Flannel Electric Heated Blanket


Faux Fur & Sherpa Electric Heated Throw Blanket with 1-10hrs Timer Auto-Off & 10 Heating Levels

Faux Fur & Sherpa Electric Heated Throw

Wrapping It Up!

Conclusively, electric blankets are heated blankets, but heated blankets are not necessarily electric. That said, it's pretty clear that heated blankets can also use sources other than electricity to offer warmth. Coming to heated throws, these can be of any nature, electric or heated blankets. And they are often used for personal use during activities, such as working, reading, watching TV, or taking a nap.

Hope you have gained enough knowledge to decide which is the winner of electric blanket vs. heated blanket vs. heated throw for you, as we all have different needs.


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