Is It Safe to Sleep With a Heated Blanket?

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How Do Electric Blankets Affect Our Sleep?
Things You Need to Consider Before Sleeping With an Electric Blanket
How to Use Electric Blankets Properly When Sleeping?
Choosing the Best Electric Blanket for You
Alternatives to Sleeping With an Electric Blanket Overnight
Wrapping It Up!


Well, an electric comforter is just that—electric. It becomes hot. If you live somewhere colder, it might be a nice break from the long winter hours and a source of warmth when you're chilly.

This seems like the ideal way to combat the cold and save your heating costs, don't you think? That being said, if you're reading this, you probably want to know can you sleep with a heated blanket?

Most of the time, electric blankets don't provide any serious concerns to one's health or safety when used properly and in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Heated blankets, however, can be risky and even deadly if not handled properly.

If you have kids or pets in your home, these dangers may also increase. There are methods to stay warm and reduce your heating costs if this worries you.

How Do Electric Blankets Affect Our Sleep?

Although the purpose of these goods is to keep you comfortable on really chilly nights, it's possible that they will interfere with your sleep. A research looked at the potential effects of using an electric blanket to raise a person's body temperature at night on sleep.

They discovered that a person's overall percentage of time sleeping in bed, or sleep efficiency, significantly decreased as their core temperature rose.

They came to the conclusion that a greater body temperature might cause sleep disturbances. This is probably due to the body's innate circadian cycle, which controls body temperature and causes a decrease in body temperature before bed.

Things You Need to Consider Before Sleeping With an Electric Blanket

You may take safety measures to guarantee the safest possible use of electric blankets.


Keep nothing superfluous

Keeping everything off of your electric blankets is one method to reduce the chance of injury and overheating. Whether it's on or off, you should treat it like any other appliance in your apartment that consumes power.


Always place it flat

Always put your merchandise flat on a mattress as another safe handling advice. If the cover is folded and mistakenly turned on, or if it is switched on by mistake, too much power may accumulate between the layers and cause a fire.


Store it carefully

For your own safety, it's crucial to store your goods correctly. The object has to be placed somewhere it won't gather lint and dust. This is due to the possibility of dust and lint causing a fire danger if the blanket is used again.

Using an appropriate box to store the covering is the best approach.


Use caution when handling the cord

You also need to be aware of the cables when using or storing hot bedding materials. It's crucial to avoid folding cables on above one another both while the device is turned off and in the "on" position. Failing to fold the cables correctly might lead to damage and malfunctioning of the blanket.

How to Use Electric Blankets Properly When Sleeping?

Here are some tips for staying safe if you possess a warm blanket and are relishing the advantages of getting into a warm, cosy bed.


Turn Off Your Blanket at Night

Turn off your blanket before you go to bed or install an automatic timer (some blankets come with one built in), but avoid leaving it on all night or for an extended amount of time.


Use it on a Standard Bed

These blankets work best on a standard bed since they must remain flat and unduly wrinkled. Use caution when using on adjustable bed frames or waterbeds as these items increase the risk of damaging the blanket.


Make it the First Layer

Electric blankets are meant to be placed on top layer; do not lie down or sit on them, nor should you pile other sheets or pillows on top of them. When they are beneath, they might overheat and create issues.


Make Use of the Flat Blanket

An electronic blanket is meant to be used flat. The coils are preserved in this way. Coils may be harmed by being tucked into nooks and crannies and wrapped around you.


Pets Should Stay Away

Pets should not be allowed on the blanket or coils since they may scratch, roll, wriggle, and cause other accidental harm. Pets shouldn't sleep on hot blankets. 

Choosing the Best Electric Blanket for You

HOMLYNS offers an electric blanket selection to meet your demands, whether you're looking for a twin-size, full-size or queen-size electric blanket.

For peace of mind, select from a variety of heat settings, auto shut-off, or an electrical blanket with multiple controls for those moments when you and your significant other just can't agree on the ideal temperature! For your peace of mind, every electric blanket that HOMLYNS comes with a full guarantee.

We have a large selection of electric blankets since they are specialists in sleep. You can use this electric blanket safely to fall asleep easily.

Alternatives to Sleeping With an Electric Blanket Overnight

You are able to employ a bottle of hot water to warm your bed if an electric blanket isn't your thing.

Use a microwaveable heating pad to warm up your bed. These pads are designed for targeted warmth and are a safe option for overnight use.

Additionally, there are temperature-controlled mattress pads, which provides evenly heat and warms your bed from below.


Do you think you will overheat if you use an electric blanket all night?

Whether you are susceptible to overheating when wearing a blanket powered by voltage all night should be carefully considered, since extended exposure can greatly raise your risk of developing heat stroke.

Young children, the elderly, and those who are immobile should exercise extra caution when using or even just keeping a blanket with electricity overnight. It is important to think about whether an electric blanket is suitable for people such as these.

Electrical equipment is not meant to be kept on for extended periods of time, even if you believe you can tolerate the heat from your electrical blanket all night.


Who Should Be Careful When Using an Electric Blanket?

As was already noted, sleeping on warm bedding can raise body temperature, which can be problematic for pregnant women, especially those in the first trimester. The additional heat might damage the developing fetus and raise the chance of miscarriage or decreased fertility.

Instead, pregnant women could choose to use a covering to slightly warm the bed before unplugging and turning it off before going to bed to avoid nerve damage.

Young children, particularly babies and toddlers under three, might not be able to physically adjust the device themselves if it becomes too hot, or they may not comprehend how to use it appropriately.

Elderly people may also have additional health problems that make it more difficult for them to react appropriately in an emergency situation or raise the possibility that they may misuse the product.


Can It Be Bad To Sleep With A Heated Blanket?

In very rare cases, sleeping with an electric-heated blanket for extended periods of time may pose health hazards.

  • Electric fires

Rarely, electric blankets that are defective, outdated, or used incorrectly can pose a serious fire risk to your house. You should replace electric blankets with frayed little wires inside or damaged wires leading to the power source right away to lower the chance of a fire starting. After all, you don't want to be asleep when a fire breaks out.

Most electric blankets shouldn't start a fire if they are maintained correctly, but caution and care should always be used.

  • Those with underlying medical conditions may be affected.

It has been observed that persons who suffer from conditions like dementia, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease may have changes in the temperature transmitters in the epidermis, making it harder for them to sense when they become exceedingly hot. If you use an electric blanket for an extended period of time, you might end up burned or overheated.

  • They occasionally have an impact on your circadian rhythm.

Even though using a heated blanket at night could make you feel toasty, it may be interfering with your sleep cycle. Our body temperature lowers somewhat as we sleep, according to a number of studies, which helps us get a good night's sleep. You could be more prone to have lower-quality sleep if an electric blanket interferes with your body's natural processes that regulate the beginning and quality of sleep. 

Wrapping It Up!

You should still handle these gadgets the same way you would any other electric, heated item in your house, even with the latest safety innovations.

The danger of heat damage, and fires should be decreased with proper use and storage. Your age and general well-being must also be taken into account.

The most susceptible users of these devices are the elderly, diabetics, pregnant women, small children, and pets; if you fit any of these descriptions, think about using other home heated solutions.

On a chilly winter's night, thermal pads and electricity-powered blankets may be a useful tool for staying warm. Just be sure to go by the safety recommendations to ensure your safety.

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