How to Store an Electric Blanket: Expert Tips for Space-Saving & Safety

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The Best Methods for Folding and Storing Electric Blankets
Is It OK To Fold An Electric Blanket?
Can You Roll Up an Electric Blanket?
How to Pack an Electric Blanket
Can Electric Blankets be Thrown Away?
What to Do Before Using Your Electric Blanket Next Winter
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Wrap Up in Warmth with Homlyns


Electric blankets are a cozy savior on chilly nights, but as warmer seasons roll in, proper storage is key to preserving their magic. Ever wondered if you're stowing away your electric blanket the right way? Or if rolling it up could be doing more harm than good? Let's clear up the confusion and keep your blanket in prime condition for years to come.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • The best methods for folding and storing electric blankets.

  • Safe practices for folding and rolling up electric blankets.

  • Packing tips for electric blankets.

  • Disposal options for old electric blankets.

  • Preparatory steps before using electric blankets next winter.

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The Best Methods for Folding and Storing Electric Blankets

When the mercury rises, and you no longer need the cozy embrace of your electric blanket, storing it correctly is crucial. Why? Proper storage extends the life of your blanket, ensuring it’s ready to keep you warm when the chill returns.


Start with a Clean Slate

Before storing, give your electric blanket a gentle wash immediately. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging the wiring. A clean blanket means you're storing it without dirt or moisture that could lead to mildew or damage.


Let’s Talk Folding

You might think folding an electric blanket is just like any other blanket, but there's a twist. The key is to avoid damaging the internal wiring. Gently fold the blanket, avoiding sharp bends. Think of soft curves rather than crisp, tight folds. This care keeps the wiring intact and functional for your next use.


Rolling: A Space-Saving Alternative

If space is tight, gently rolling your electric blanket is a great option. Start from one end and slowly roll, ensuring there are no hard creases or bends. This method is particularly handy for keeping your blanket in compact storage spaces, like under the bed or in a closet shelf.


Final Touch - The Storage Spot

Choose a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Excessive heat can damage the wiring, while moisture can lead to mildew. A linen closet or a dry shelf in your wardrobe can be ideal spots.


Remember, how you store your electric blanket isn’t just about saving space; it’s about maintaining its safety and functionality for when you need it next.

Is It OK To Fold An Electric Blanket?

Now that you've mastered the art of folding and storing your electric blanket, let's address a common concern: is it actually safe to fold an electric blanket? The short answer is yes, but with a few caveats to ensure the longevity and safety of your cozy companion.

Fold Electric Blanket


Understanding the Wiring:

Many electric blankets contain delicate wiring systems that provide heat. While these wires are flexible, they can be damaged by improper handling. The goal is to fold the blanket in a way that respects these wires.


Fold, Don't Crease:

When folding your electric blanket, aim for gentle, rounded folds. Avoid creating sharp creases, which can stress or break the internal wiring. Think of it as loosely draping rather than tightly folding.


Storage Tips:

Once folded, place your blanket in a storage bag or a breathable container. This protects it from dust and pests. Remember, the storage location should be dry and cool to prevent any humidity damage or overheating.


By folding your electric blanket the right way, you're not just tidying up; you're taking an active step in prolonging its life and ensuring its safety. 

Can You Roll Up an Electric Blanket?

Rolling up an electric blanket is a space-efficient way to store it and a safe method when done correctly. Here's how to ensure you're rolling your blanket in a way that protects its integrity and functionality.

Roll Electric Blanket



Gentle is Key:

Start by laying your electric blanket flat on the ground or a large surface. Begin rolling from one end, applying gentle pressure. The aim is to create a loose roll, not a tight one. This approach prevents putting undue stress on the wires.


Avoiding Wire Damage:

As you roll, be mindful of the wires. You want to avoid bending them at sharp angles. If you feel any resistance or tightness around the wires, ease up and adjust your rolling technique.


Secure, but Not Tight:

Once rolled, you can secure your electric blanket with a ribbon or a soft strap. However, make sure it's not bound too tightly. The goal is to keep it rolled without compressing the internal components.


Rolling up your electric blanket is a fantastic way to save space while keeping it in top condition. Just remember, the softer the roll, the happier your blanket! 

How to Pack an Electric Blanket?

Packing an electric blanket properly for a move or simply to store it away for the season requires a bit of know-how. The goal is to keep the blanket safe, clean, and ready for its next use. Let’s go through the steps to ensure your new electric blanket is packed perfectly.

Pack an Electric Blanket

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Choose the Right Container:

A breathable storage bag or a plastic bin with some ventilation is ideal. This protects the blanket from dust and pests while allowing air circulation to prevent any moisture buildup.


Clean Before Packing:

Always pack a clean blanket. Wash and dry your electric blanket according to the manufacturer's instructions. This step ensures that no dirt or moisture gets trapped during storage, which could lead to mildew or damage.


Folding or Rolling:

Depending on your space, you can either gently fold or loosely roll the blanket. Remember, the key is to avoid pressing or creasing the wires which leads to a fire hazard. A gentle fold or a loose roll will protect the internal components.


Avoid Heavy Objects:

When packing your blanket in a moving box or storage bin, make sure it's not under heavy items. The weight can compress and potentially damage the wiring.


Label the Container:

This might seem trivial, but labeling your storage container as 'Electric Blanket' ensures that you or anyone else handling it knows to treat it with care.


Packing your electric blanket correctly not only keeps it safe but also ensures it's in the best condition for its next use. 

Can Electric Blankets be Thrown Away?

Disposing of an electric blanket requires more consideration than just tossing it in the trash. These blankets contain components that should be handled responsibly. So, what’s the best way to say goodbye to an old electric blanket?


Recycling Options:

Check if your local recycling program accepts electric blankets. Many components of electric blankets, like wiring and fabric, can be recycled. This approach helps minimize environmental impact.


Donation Centers:

If your electric blanket is still in good working condition but you simply want to upgrade, consider donating it. There are various organizations and shelters that might benefit from such a donation.


Special Waste Collections:

Some communities offer special waste collection days for electronics and appliances. These events are perfect for disposing of electric blankets safely and responsibly.


Manufacturer Take-Back Programs:

Some electric blanket manufacturers have take-back programs. They’ll handle the safe disposal or recycling of their products, ensuring that the heating elements are dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner.


Tossing an electric blanket in your regular garbage can lead to environmental harm. Taking the extra step to dispose of it responsibly makes a difference.

What to Do Before Using Your Electric Blanket Next Winter

As the cold weather approaches, you might be thinking about bringing out your electric blanket again. But before you plug it in for a cozy night, there are some important steps to ensure it's safe and ready to use.

blanket for winter

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Inspect Your Blanket:

Start by giving your electric blanket a thorough inspection. Check for any visible damage like frayed wires, burn marks, or tears in the fabric. Any sign of wear could indicate it's time for a replacement.



Plug in your blanket and turn it on to make sure it's heating up evenly and properly. If you notice any cold spots or overheating areas, this might mean the internal wiring is damaged.


Re-Read the Manual:

It’s always a good practice to revisit the manufacturer's instructions. They often contain specific guidelines for safety and care, ensuring you’re using your blanket correctly.


Room Preparation:

Ensure that your bedroom or wherever you plan to use the electric blanket is suitable. Remove any flammable materials from near the bed and ensure the blanket will lay flat without anything on top of it.

Taking these steps before using your electric blanket each winter prolongs its lifespan and ensures your safety and comfort.

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Wrap Up in Warmth with Homlyns

Now, you're equipped with all the know-how to store your electric blanket safely and efficiently. You're ready to keep it in peak condition, ensuring it's ready for those chilly nights when you need it most.


Key Takeaways:

  • Follow the best methods for folding and storing.

  • Ensure safety measures are in place when folding or rolling.

  • Be aware of the blanket's lifespan and signs for replacement.

  • Properly pack and store for longevity.

  • Understand the safety aspects of tucking in electric blankets.

  • Responsibly dispose of old electric blankets.

  • Prepare your blanket before using it in the winter.


As we conclude, remember that Homlyns is here to enhance your comfort experience. Their range of easy-to-fold electric blankets marries convenience with coziness. Whether you're packing away for summer or preparing for winter, Homlyns electric heated blankets ensure you’re always wrapped in warmth and style. So, as you tuck away your electric blanket, consider exploring the warmth Homlyns brings into your home.


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