Are Heated Blankets Bad for Pets?

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Can Your Pets Use Blankets?
Electric Blanket Safety Tips for Pets
Alternative Heated Solutions for Cats or Dogs
Wrapping It Up!


Whenever winter is around the corner, the major concern of most pet owners is to keep their pets warm and cozy. It may be a great struggle to provide the pets with warmth by keeping in view their safety.

Most people tend to keep their pets warm and cozy by snugging them in their own heated blankets but they might have never ever thought that are these heated electric blankets even safe for their little pet.

If you are looking for the correct answer to this question and are skeptical about how these electric blankets work for your cats and dogs then you are in the right place.

Let's delve into the details of these blankets to find out if heated blankets are bad for cats and dogs or not and ensure that your pets stay not only warm but also safe.

Can Your Pets Use Blankets?

Yes! Your pets can use blankets, but the condition is that you should keep an eye on them while they are in a blanket. It is safe for your cats and dogs and helps them enjoy a peaceful sleep.

If you are using a normal blanket, ensure your pet is not entangled in it since this can risk their safety. Also, keep a close eye on them to make sure they do not chew the blanket or ingest any threads or fragments because this could block their digestive tract.

Now, if we talk about electric blankets, they might be safe for humans but not your pets. This is because pets are known for being curious so there is a possibility that they might touch the hot parts of an electric blanket.

Electric Blanket Safety Tips for Pets

If you tend to buy an electric blanket for your cats or dogs, you must keep some tips in mind to ensure the safety of your pet. Here are some of the important tips that you must follow to keep your pet's bed hot as well as safe:

  • Your cat or dog must never be left unattended if they are using an electric blanket. It would help if you supervise them all the time.


  • Keep the wires and cords away from your pets and make sure they’re completely covered, as your cat or dog may chew them while playing with them.


  • Try using a cover for the electric blanket to help keep it safe from damage because cover will make it not so appealing to play for your pet.


  • The electric blankets should be laid down flat; do not fold or clump it up, as this might result in hot spots and your cat or dog might get burned from it.


  • Check the electric blankets frequently for indications of deterioration, including frayed cables or bare heating elements. Pet owners must replace it immediately if needed.


  • Ensure that the electric blankets are plugged in only when they are in use to make these electric blankets safe for your cat or dog. 

What Alternative Heated Solutions Are Suitable for Cats or Dogs?

Deciding which heated solutions are suitable for your pet may be challenging, but here are some options that will make this decision easy for you.

#1 Heated Pet Beds

Encourage your pet to take advantage of a cat or dog-specific heating alternative like a self-warming bed. These beds are made specifically to provide your cats and dogs with a warm, secure shelter to sleep. They contain an integrated heating element that's thermostatically regulated, so you do not need to be concerned about overheating.


#2 Microwaveable Heating Pads

These microwave-heated pads are designed to provide your pets with a warm, comfortable space for snuggling up under their blanket or bedding. These heating pads can be used indoors or out.


#3 Radiant Heaters

These heaters employ radiant heat to provide warmth to a space safely and effectively. They have safety features like automatic shutdown and tip-over prevention and are made to be pet-safe.


#4 Heating Lamps

These are infrared heat-emitting lamps that are useful for warming up a designated space, such as a pet's resting area. When used properly, they are safe for dogs and are efficient in terms of energy.


Q: Why do cats like heat?

A: Due to the fact that their ancient ancestors came from the deserts, cats have a natural attraction to heat. They also need to make up for more heat loss since their body temperature, which is 101 degrees Fahrenheit, is more than ours.


Q: Is it safe to use electric blankets for a kitten or a puppy?

A: Puppies and kittens may usually lie directly on the electric blanket since this heated blanket releases temperatures. Make sure to go by the same precautions of watching over them and don't leave them unattended.


Q: When should cats be given an electric blanket?

A: If you find any orphaned cat, you can use electric blanket or any other heat source which will replace the body heat of its mother.

Also, if your cat is suffering from arthritis, set the electric blanket at the lowest temperature possible and make a heated cat bed for your pet. 

Wrapping It Up!

Veterinary experts suggest that it's better not to use electric electric blanket to warm the beds of your pets without proper supervision because it can be dangerous for them.

Cats and dogs may burn themselves from electric blankets by coming into direct contact with one of the wires when using it, or by receiving an electric shock. It's better to opt for self-warming beds if you feel your cat is feeling cold. Make sure that your cat is healthy and happy.

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