Electric Blanket and Throw Buying Guide

Electric Blanket and Throw Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

Table of Contents >
1. What is the difference between electric blanket and throw?
2. What should you look for in an electric blanket and throw?
  2.1 Overheat Protection
  2.2 Fabric
  2.3 Controller
  2.4 Size
  2.5 Comfort
  2.6 Timer
3. What are the different types of electric blankets and throws?
  3.1 Underblankets
  3.2 Overblankets
  3.3 Sherpa Heated Throw
  3.4 Flannel Heated Throw
4. A Step by Step Guide on How to Use Electric Blankets and Throws
  4.1 Safety First
  4.2 Preparing Your Bed or Couch for Electric Blankets or Throw
  4.3 How to Operate Your Electric Blanket or Throw
5. Where can you buy a heated throw and electric blanket?
6. Conclusion


When the winter cold arrives, there's nothing cozier than snuggling up with an electric blanket or throw. These heated bedding options keep you warm and make you feel super comfy and relaxed. But with so many choices out there, picking the right one can be a little tricky.

That's where this electric blanket buying guide comes in to help you out. We've got all the info you need to make a smart choice when considering getting an electric blanket or throw.

We'll talk about how they keep you warm, go through the options you can find, and give you the lowdown on what to consider. So, let's jump in and make your winter way cozier and more comfortable.

electric blanket and throw buying guide

1. What is the Difference between Electric Blanket and Throw?

Electric blankets and throws can do the job when you're trying to stay warm on cold nights, but they work a little differently. Heated blankets are big and cover your whole bed so you can sleep comfortably from head to toe. You can adjust their heat to your liking, so it's just right for you.

On the other hand, heated throw blankets are smaller and great for snuggling up on the sofa or adding extra warmth to one spot. They're easy to move around and handy for movie nights or reading. So, whether you want a cozy bed or a comfy couch, knowing these differences will help you pick the perfect way to stay warm this winter.

heated throw vs heated blanket

2. What should you look for in an electric blanket and throw?

In this section, we will uncover some noteworthy features of the electric blanket. Let's hop on to give them a quick read!

2.1 Overheat Protection

Safety comes first when it comes to electric blankets. Overheat protection is a really important feature to have in the condition of extra heat. It's like a safety net that ensures your blanket doesn't get too hot and cause problems. What you should look for are electric blankets that have this built-in protection.

They come with special sensors that can tell if the blanket is getting too hot; if it is, they'll switch off the heat. So, when you're all wrapped up in your electric blanket, you can sleep easy knowing it's looking out for your safety. Beware of fire hazard since it contains internal wires. Keep in view the care instructions and safety features.

electric blanket and throw with overheat protection

2.2 Fabric

The fabric of your electric blanket is a big deal regarding how comfy you'll be. Electric blankets come in different materials, like fleece, microfiber, and polyester.

  • Fleece blankets are light, and they hold onto heat well.
  • Microfiber blankets are super durable and feel smooth.
  • Polyester blankets are a good middle ground – they keep you warm and won't break the bank.

So, when picking your electric blanket, consider what cloth you like best and what feels good against your skin. It's all about making sure you have a cozy night's sleep.

2.3 Controller

When it comes to your sleeping setup and what you like, you've got choices with heating blankets. You can go for a single-control or a dual-control heating blanket. Single-control blankets have just one heat setting for the whole blanket, which is great if you're using it alone.

If you're sharing the sofa or bed with someone who likes a different temperature, dual-control heated blankets are the way to go. They let each side of the sofa or bed have its own heat setting. This is perfect for couples who want to stay cozy without arguing about the temperature.

electric blanket with dual controllers

2.4 Size

Electric blankets come in different sizes to fit various bed sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. Picking the right size ensures your blanket covers your entire bed properly. When you have the right size, the warmth spreads evenly, and you won't have any cold spots. Just measure your mattress to know its dimensions, and then choose a blanket size that matches or is a bit bigger for the best coverage.

different sizes of electric blanket and throw

2.5 Comfort

When you're picking an electric blanket, comfort is super important. It's not just about the heat; it's also about how nice the blanket feels. Look for blankets that are plush and soft, with a smooth surface that won't bother your skin. Some blankets even have extra padding to make them even comfier. So, think about comfort to make your nights warmer and cozier.

comfortable electric blanket

2.6 Timer

Having a timed heated blanket or a heated throw with timer, is like having a handy helper. It's not only convenient but also good for saving energy. With a timer, you can decide when you want the blanket to turn off. So, if you like some extra hotness while falling asleep but don't want it all night, the timer can help. It means you won't waste electricity, and it's also safer for sleeping. So, it's a win-win!

electric blanket with auto shut off

3. What Are the Different Types of Electric Blankets and Throws?

In this section, we will shed light on different types of electric blankets and throws that tempt you to get your hands on them. So, let’s hop on!

3.1 Underblankets

Underblankets, also known as mattress pads, are made to go right on top of your mattress. They are all about keeping you warm through the night, so you can sleep well even when it's freezing outside. One cool thing about underblankets is they spread the heat really evenly. They have wires or heating stuff that's spaced out just right, so no part of your body gets cold.

electric underblanket

3.2 Overblankets

Overblankets are a flexible choice for folks who like to have options for staying warm. You put them on top of your regular bedding, like your normal blanket or comforter. That way, when the weather changes, you can switch them out easily, and you don't have to find space for a big underblanket. These blankets are great for adding extra heat on those super chilly nights without changing your whole sofa.

electric overblanket

3.3 Sherpa Heated Throw

People who adore soft, plush blankets really like sherpa heated throw blankets. They have this luxurious sherpa lining that feels incredibly soft against your skin. These throws aren't just comfy; they also make your living space look more elegant.Heated sherpa throw blankets usually have different heat settings, so you can pick how hot you want to be. They also come with an auto-off feature, which is like a safety net in case you forget to turn them off. These throws are great for snuggling on a cold winter night or making your home decor feel extra cozy.

sherpa heated throw

3.4 Flannel Heated Throw

Lots of folks really like flannel heated throws because they're super damp and comfy. These king-size throws are made from really good flannel fabric that feels snug and cozy. They are a matter of fact in holding heat, so these throws are perfect for keeping hot when it's cold outside.

Flannel heated throws usually have different heat levels you can pick, and they also turn off by themselves, so you don't have to worry about leaving them on. Taking care of them is easy, and they'll keep your evenings cozy for a long time.

flannel heated throw

4. A Step by Step Guide on How to Use Electric Blankets and Throws

After going through all the details, you must consider how to use heated blankets. We have covered you in this aspect, too! We'll walk you through everything you need to know about using electric blankets and throws to ensure you stay snug as a bug in a rug. Let's dive right in!

4.1 Safety First

Before you start using your electric blanket or throw, safety should be your top priority. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Check for Damage

Before using your electric blanket or throw, inspect it carefully for any signs of damage, such as frayed wires or exposed heating elements. If you find any, it's best to replace it.

  • Avoid Pinching

Be careful not to pinch the wires and cords when tucking in the blanket or folding it. Pinching can damage the wires and create hotspots that may lead to burns.

  • Unplug When Not in Use

Always unplug your electric blanket or throw when you're not using it. This not only conserves energy but also reduces the risk of overheating or electrical issues. Don't forget to unplug the cords and the wiring box. Keep the temperature within a narrow range to avoid sudden shuts.

  • Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

Each electric blanket or throw may have specific usage guidelines provided by the manufacturers. Be sure to read and follow these instructions carefully to avoid any trouble.

care instruction of electric blanket and throw

4.2 Preparing Your Bed or Couch for Electric Blankets or Throw

Before using your electric blanket or throw, make sure your bed is ready. Here's what you need to do:

  • Start with a Clean Surface

Ensure that your bed is clean and free from any debris or crumbs. A clean surface will help prevent damage to your electric blanket or throw.

  • Layer It Correctly

An electric blanket on your bed should be placed over your bed sheets but beneath your comforter or duvet. This allows the heat to be trapped effectively. For electric throws on the sofa, simply drape it over the area you want to keep damp.

  • Secure the Corners

Electric blankets often come with straps or cord to secure them in place. Use these to keep the blanket from shifting during the night. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds to ensure even heating.

4.3 How to Operate Your Electric Blanket or Throw

Now that your bed or couch is prepped, it's time to power up all your blankets or throws. Here's how to do it:

  • Plug It In

Locate the plug on your electric blanket or other blankets and connect it to a power outlet. Ensure that the plug is inserted securely through the cords so it might not stretch.

  • Set the Temperature

Most electric blankets and throws come with adjustable temperature settings. Start with a low or medium setting, especially if it's your first time using one. You can always adjust it to a higher temperature if needed.

  • Preheat Your Bed or Couch

To achieve maximum coziness, turn on your electric blanket or throw it about 10-15 minutes before you plan to get into bed or sit on the couch. This preheating period allows it to reach your desired temperature.

  • Enjoy the Warmth

Once your electric blanket or throw has reached the desired temperature, snuggle up and enjoy the coziness. You can keep it on all night or for as long as you like, but remember to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding continuous use.

5. Where can you buy a heated throw and electric blanket?

When you're on the hunt for the ideal cozy and high-quality heated blanket, your search ends with Homlyns! They truly understand the importance of staying warm and comfortable on those chilly nights. That's why we're dedicated to offering you some of their finest products.

So, where can you buy a heated blanket? Look no other brands than Homlyns, where warmth and comfort are their top priorities.


The Queen Size Electric Blanket with Dual Controllers from HOMLYNS is really easy to care for because you can remove the heated blanket with two controllers and toss it in the washing machine using cold water and then tumble dry. It's made of soft and cozy Flannel, so it's perfect for keeping you warm and comfy during afternoon naps in bed or on the couch. It provides additional heat in winter months.

What's even better is that it comes with dual controllers for the A/B zones, which is a feature exclusive to the queen size. This means you and your partner can each set your preferred heating level and time so you both stay cozy and happy.


This Faux Fur & Sherpa Electric Heated Throw is a perfect fit for staying warm and cozy! It comes with a powerful heated blanket controller that has ten heat settings and a handy auto shut-off feature that you can set from 1 to 10 hours. This means you can have a nice nap on the couch, top sheet, or a super comfy night's sleep without worrying about overheating, the highest setting or thermostat ranging.

And when it's time to wash it, just take off the controller and toss it in the washer with cold water on the gentle cycle. Whether you're snuggling on the couch or in your favorite chair, this heated throw will keep you warm from head to toe. Get ready for ultimate warmth, comfort, and convenience with Homlyns Heated Throw – your perfect fit for cozy times in the winter season.

electric heated throw in grey

6. Conclusion

An electric blanket or throw can be a fantastic addition to your winter bedding. It provides warmth and comfort, and with the right features, it can make your sleep even better. By following the tips in this guide, you can easily find the perfect electric blanket or throw to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. So, stay snug and enjoy the cold months with the electric blanket or throw that suits you best!

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